What is discord?

Discord is a website where you can find so many people who are like-minded as you so that you will get a lot of people for you to support. You may even have some doubts or stories to talk freely to talk to the people in real life but somehow it may block you from asking them because you think that they might judge you.

At such a time like this, without any hesitation, we can ask those doubts to our discord friends. 

What is a Spoiler tag:

Discord Spoiler tag means those messages usually people will prefer not to receive, so sending through spoiler tag will hide the message and now it's the choice of the receiver to view it or not. 

Now if you do not know much about what discord is, have a look at it also for understanding the information given below accurately.

Why do people use Spoiler tags in Discord?

Now this question will definitely come into your mind, in such an amazing platform where there are people who are there to talk to you, certain questions will not be preferred by most people. So while sending such messages they will add ‘discord spoiler tags’.

How to add a spoiler tag to your Discord?

No matter what device you are using, may it be an iPhone, Android, or any device you can still use this spoiler tag where it is necessary. 

Method 1:

To add the spoiler tag all you must do is add /spoiler before you start writing a message. While you do so in discord, this will be considered as a spoiler tag.  

Method 2:

At the starting of the message and also at the ending of the message, add two vertical bars to show it as a spoiler discord

How to view this kind of message?

You will have to just tap on the discord chat to view the spoiler message. This kind of massage will be highlighted other than the normal message just tap on it if you want to check out what the sender has sent you. 

Is it possible to add a spoiler tag in images:

Not only to just the messages you send but also to the images or any kind of documents you send you can add a spoiler tag. 


But if you follow the above two methods for sending images or documents, they are unfortunately not going to work. 

Also, you can use the spoiler tag for images in windows or Mac but it cannot be used in your mobile apps. 

Method to add an image as a spoiler tag:

Let’s do this now for images too, for that you will have to follow up on what we say exactly.

Step 1: Drag the file or image into the server chat. Select the + sign of it, just below it. 

Step 2: Check the box ‘mark as spoiler’ this is the one that is going to hide your messages. Finally, click on the upload option to upload it. 

Spoiler image discord can be seen by tapping the image that is marked as a spoiler.

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