All the earliest email service users would have used or at least heard the name of Yahoo. Since 1997, the yahoo account has been in existence. It is the third-largest email service provider with more than 200 million users around the world. 

Listing out few functions of the yahoo account:

  • Ability to send and receive instant email from any device.
  • It supports multiple yahoo accounts. 
  • Connect to your email with one tap to your inbox. 
  • Yahoo has web portals from yahoo search to all related services and Yahoo mail, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo finance, and more. 

Setup Yahoo mail in outlook:

You can follow the steps given below and set up your yahoo account in your outlook for Microsoft 365, outlook 2019, and outlook2016.  

Step 1:Open your Microsoft and then click on the File tab. 

Step 2: Then from the left side, click on the info, and on the right side under the account information click on the ‘add account’. 

Step 3: When an outlook box appears, enter your email address and then tap on connect. 

Step 4: After that enter your password and again click on connect. Now your yahoo mail settings for outlook are set successfully. 

Now as you have successfully connected it when you face issues like yahoo mail outlook not working, click on the WorldZo and contact them. That is the place where you can receive expert help.